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An amazing friend! He is a master at skill & agility. Usually is very trust worhty & knows how to really make you crack up at times. He is a smart ass a lot but you learn to love him. Has very good grades but only in one subject. Likes to show off.

Definately a man who loves money!
Ex 1- Person A: Hey can I have some money?
Kahari: No man!

Ex 2- Person A: Dude those flips were amazing!
Kahari: Thanks! I'm a natural.

Nicknames: Monkey
by graciegee April 02, 2012
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1. a common surname in Zimbabwe

2. an iron pot with rounded handles used for cooking Indian food

3. In Tagalog, "Hari" means "king" and "ka" means "you are." Hari-ka means you are king, hence Kahari is a reversed version.
Professor Kahari was a visiting professor at many American universities.

Kahari chicken is a popular dish.

Kahari is our leader.
by TeachingThePeople October 23, 2011
Krazy Ass Hairy animal red infant

Kute Active Hungry Angry Ravishing Insane
my wife had a Kahari, we threw it away.

I want to make a Kahari of my own
by Kahari October 07, 2007

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