A chacter in an anime/manga Called: Inuyasha. Kagome holds the power to see these magic jewels.
A phrase from kagome "SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT BOY!".
by Mac Dac Money February 27, 2009
Her name means "Bamboo woven basket" She's the "main" female charater in InuYasha, an "avrage" (more like Mary Sue) 15 year old who gets pulled into a well and you know the rest of the story...

She may have some good points but she's an annoying Damsesl in Distress who depends on Inuyasha a we bit too much and really needs to chill out insted of abuseing Inuyasha with the sit command (but sometimes he dose deserve it) she should also quit meddling and mind her own bussiness and go back to her own time and be with Hojo
"Don't flatter yourself I got no intrest in lookin' "- Inuyasha to Kagome while she was trying to get him to look at her



"So you where with Kikyou again wrent you?"
by anti kagome January 12, 2006
An evil wench from the hit anime,InuYasha. A character who needs to learn how to save herself instead of being an annoying damsel in distress.
" InuYasha, Save Me!!! I'm an annoying character that everyone hates and I can't save myself from this little demon because I'm not like strong brave Sango and even though I have Miko Powers I just wanna yell your name because I'm obessed with you! SAVE ME!!"
by LilacRose93 June 26, 2005
Kagome also see, idiot. A childish, highly immature school girl from Tokyo, Japan. Another of the big eyed, whining, moron girls featured in anime and manga, who falls in love with the heroic main character, usually a very handsome or pretty boy/man. Yet, they don't deserve him. Kagome is obnoxious, thoughtless and all around an eye sore for such a great anime. She constantly puts her stupid opinion and self in places she doesn't belong, and sticks her little ugly nose into Inuyasha's business, including his love for Kikyou. The only reason Kagome is in feudal japan, and the only reason Inuyasha keeps her around and protects her...is to find the shards. All in all, she is someone who should die a horrible, painful death..or at least get her vocal cords ripped out. The species fangirl adores Kagome, and many others like her...they should die too, because she will NEVER be with inuyasha.
Kagome should not be Kikyou's reincarnation...it sickens me.
by Fei June 01, 2005
The reincarnation of Kikyou. All Kagome wanted to do was have a normal life, and she did. She was an A student, pretty and popular with the greatest friends and a perfect boy who is in love with her. Yay. How original. She is a big character in Inuyasha, healing his scars for his separation from Kikyou and also aiding him. Her common traits are whiny, kind, sweet, happy, stupid, ditzy and intruding. Personally, I find her annoying and I'd rather Inuyasha be with Kikyou, because they were really meant to be until that mummy came in. Maybe that was Kagome, using a time portal. Who knows.
Kagome, you got another A! Liek, OMG!! You so deserve to be special! Liek, omg! You're so pretty! I luv ur hair! Kagome kawaii!! No, you're not in the manga for fan service! LIEK NO WAY!
by KikyouShards April 16, 2007
a useless background character in inynasha

a human

Brandon Conner
Gerald = kagome
by drewf96 & sin January 04, 2009
(noun, can be used as an adjective)
A character from the horribly drawn and weakly written anime of Inuyasha. Most negative comments about her are downplayed by the idiotic fans of the series, who are unable to see the logic in why so many people hate her and other characters like her. Kagome idolizes the ancient perversion that Japanese history has towards woman and small children. The cartoon is convoluted by the way the story never progresses and the characters always have new traits added to them, making them shallow and uninteresting. Japan, Anime, and Manga(mohn-gah not main-gah) all have their perks, but characters like Kagome destroy the artistry of the genre.
(adjective) She's always being defeated, she can't do anything, what a Kagome.

(noun) Kagome is THE most horrible character in Anime.
by BananaMonkey123 February 22, 2008

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