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"Kafu" is an expression used in the Middle East which resembles "Cool" and extends it in function.

It can be used in a form of statement, a question, or a general response. (See examples)
- "Wanna watch a movie?"
- "Kafu."

"I'm hungry. Kafu food?"

"Kafu man, you so nailed that hottie."

- "Hey, this is your kid."
- "Um.. kafu."
by MidEast Expressionist May 23, 2010
Stands for "kids a fuck up." This is a slang term teachers often use to refer to sub-intelligent or "stupid" kids whom the teacher realizes has little chance of success in the future.
"Did you see the list of kids I have in my class this year? They are all KAFUs."
by Jack Rabbittz February 13, 2009
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