An exclamation used by the winner of any contest or after a spectacular event.Commonly used by my girlfriend after we have sex.
"I win. Kablammo!" or "That sex was great! Kablammo!"
by Matt Hecht March 24, 2003
Top Definition
an onomatopaiec word, suggesting an explosion, although can be used as a greeting or as a random word.
when describing an explosion "and it all went KABLAMMO!"

"friend: hey.
you: kablammo"
by xhellyx May 17, 2004
The biggest Dubstep party in the Midwestern USA
Kablammo! always has the biggest bass!
by Bassface March 10, 2009
an expletive used in an excited or startled mood to convey the seriousness or extreme nature of a situation. sometimes used to spice up a boring situation.
My god, i just found a thousand dollars on a park bench! Kablammo!!!
Brownfield: the beatles are a great band.....because of this, that and the other reason.....
Me: Kablammo!!!
by kablammodoctor August 14, 2003
Quite possibly the best randomly used word ever. Always great in an idle internert conversation
Random_IdiotYeah so I OWNED some kid in Warcraft III
*time passes*
by Wafulz August 11, 2003
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