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One of the sweetest guys you will ever meet, loving, caring,smart,funny and absolutely adorable the kind of guy anyone would be lucky to have. Hes the kind of guy you can trust to be there for you in tough situations and will make you smile no matter how bad of a day your having. Hes a true friend and absolutely amazing
everyone needs a Kabe in there life.
hes so sweet he must be a Kabe
by My$t3r10u$ M3 January 09, 2011
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See: sweet, charming, funny, intelligent, sexy

The one and only; The best guy with a great cat; HOT CAR!
"Who just grr'd?"
"Oh that was Kabe."
"Who's Kabe?"
"You know.. Like.. Kabe."
"Oh, okay. Kabe?"
"Right on."
by *ahem* May 03, 2005
Kabe is not a real word but, kabe is a character from StarWars (ep4). Kabe is also an online gamer who plays World Of Warcraft. Seeing as the word is un known to most, it's never used inless talken to or meeting Kabe him self.
WTF is a kabe? or kay-be? no stupid, its kabe! or how do you get from level 1-26 in 1 day in wow? just ask kabe.
by the one and only kabe March 30, 2005
a huge faggot that has no life
Wow look at Kabe bragging about his phat lewt in wow.
by kabesmom April 13, 2005

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