A term used to express an exaggerated form of the sayings: "holy", "too rank", "PfFfFf" etc.
Gabe: Mang, last night when I was drunk, I almost killed someones mom.

Jordan: KaAaAaAy!
by Zzadude December 25, 2008
Top Definition
Can be used in a number of ways :

1. Used as 'Okay',

2. Used as another way of saying 'Riiiiiiiiiiight..' ,

3. Used as a looooooooooooong way of saying 'K' ,

4. Used To make people feel stupid :p .
1. 'Can a borrow a pencil ?' 'Kaaaaaay honey'.

2. 'OMG, soph likes johnny !!' 'Yaa kaaaaaay :p'

3. 'Hey you wanna come to my house?' 'Kaaaaaay :D'

4. Teacher: 'Go to the office now!' You: 'Yaa kaaaaaay Ms..'
by i wub u :p October 20, 2011
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