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Keys, Wallet, Phone.
The last thing you need to check You have before leaving the house
Ben: let's go man have you KWP'd?
Phil: yeah I got everything let's roll
by Tattooedben September 20, 2015
Key, Wallet, Phone. The key three items you must check up on constantly when drinking, especially over a long bender. For some people this causes anxiety, for others it just adds to post drinking depression when they realize they have lost their classic gameboy style flip phone that cannot be replaced in stores today. They may also have to call their cab company and every bar they frequent to see if their item/s might be there.
Jon got so swashbuckler last nite that he lost his phone and left his keys in Wesley car. Rachel told him to watch his KWP, but in a brown out things happen. Now their fighting.
by stupidsmellymonkey October 14, 2011
Kid whith potention, a person younger than 16 who is thought to be hot when they are older
bill: 'I was chatting to Bob's daughter the other day, man she's hot.'
Barry:'Dude! not cool, she's like 14!!'
Bill: 'She's a real KWP though'
by lucy28 February 10, 2007
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