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Keep The Practice
While playing Day of Defeat

Private: omg how did you know where I was you cheater!
Jello: STFU you stupid nub. KTP

person: danm man iv been missing every shot with the sniper rifle.
person 2: yea i know dude you need to KTP.

by moron November 09, 2002
KTP, Stands for Killaz Top Priority a notable street gang in the regions of Rexton,Richibucto,Rogersville and Aldouane,New Brunswick. A large reputation for the distribution of Cocaine,Ecstasy,Marijuana,Hashish,Amphetamines,Crystal Meth,Psilocybin Mushrooms and Morphine, throughout the regions.
Tom: Hey man i got some killer weed yesterday
Bob: KTP weed?
Tom: Damn right bro
Bob: Cool, roll that shit up
by richibucto420lowrida November 15, 2011
Short for kill that pussy. during intercorse, the act of really putting a pounding on a womans vagina.
Every time I bang her I K.T.P..
by Denny D. Bat April 13, 2006
Stands for Keep The Peace

Evolved from "Peace Out" to "Peace" to KTP like how everything else is abbreviated on IM's.
A: Hey, man, I'm gonna head out.
B: Aight, cya man. KTP
by Edmin October 25, 2007
acronym for K-Town Posse. the most kick ass posse to walk the earth. we are all 1337. dont mess w/ us.
The KTP is the shit. I want to join that posse so bad.
by Katnip70 February 14, 2008