a gang that operates around Midland, Bayswater, Morley, Fremantle, Quinns, Rocky...... responsible for 68% of graffiti in Midland & Bayswater approx 94 members... K.T.S consists of many smaller groups these are known as rileys...
person 1: yo man u parta da k.t.s
person 2: yeah
person 1: name 3 big time rileys????
by K.T.S CREW April 22, 2003
Acronym for the phrase "king turd." A king turd is the the largest (or very close) shit you've ever taken; a log so big it fills the bowl, peeks out of the water, and makes you proud to have fathered something so awe inspiring. It is illegal to not take a picture and show it to all your friends.
"Dude, I just ate a load of meat and potatoes. I'm gonna have a KT later with pics to prove it."

"Someone left an epic KT in the stall. I swear it was this big."
by Shpleeurnck November 09, 2009
Masculine acronym standing for "Knob Twitch". When a man gets excited about something, he is said to have Knob Twitch. For the feminine form of the word, see "CT" - Clit Twitch.
"The spaghetti bolognese you made last night gave me KT."

"That suave guy had such a smooth voice, it gave me instant KT"
by Cozza999 August 02, 2009
kangtao, meaning tips or inside information, usually for betting/gambling purpose
John, today soccer match got any kt?
by Marcus October 19, 2004
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