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abbreviation for the game Kill Fuck Marry
one person gives another person 3 names of people they know (other gender), they msut choose one person to fuck, one to marry, and one to kill
"Lets play KFM!"
"Ok, Lucy Sam and Mac"
"Fuck Lucy, marry Sam and kill Mac duh!"
by yoyoyoitsBLOOP March 16, 2009
Basically, "KFM" stands for "Kill Fuck & Marry" which is a game where you are given the names of three people and you must decide whom you would want to "Kill" who you would want to "Fuck" and who you would want to "Marry"
Girl: Hey, Dev, Vnasty, or adam lambert? KFM?

Guy: hmm, i'd Kill Adam, Fuck Vnasty, and Marry Dev
by yung_dough September 03, 2011
Homosexual, desiring large dongs in one's mouth, etc.

Abbtreviation for "knees for men"
"That dude who doesn't get the point of UD is obviously on his KFM"

"Yeah he likes 'dem big ole donggies, he's KFM."
by Joey Averaggio August 12, 2007
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