when you are fucking a girl on the beach, take your dick out, stick it in the sand (batter it) then stick it back in (deep fry it). this process is called the KFC
i was down at the river and totally KFC'ed that girl last night
by paulzsick September 09, 2007
Acronym: Ka-Fucking CHING!!!

The onomatopoeic sound of a cash till opening. Refers to the discovery of a sudden financial windfall, such as finding a dropped wallet full of cash, or the realisation that you are going to get most of your Tax back in a big ole wad.
From the Aussie movie "Kiss or Kill"

Nikki: Ah, look, K.F.C.
Al: What?
Nikki: Ka-Fucking-Ching!
by mr_al May 09, 2005
A place where perfect chicken is eaten.
Let's go to KFC.
by colonelsanders.cjb.net October 05, 2003
A delicious fried chicken restaurant that is usually preferred by the "nigger" race.
Jammal : Yo shit Tyrone theres a KFC that just opened up downtown

Tyrone : shiiiiit niggaa
by nickwrightlovescock June 10, 2011
Keen For Cock
Dude that chick is so KFC, you should pounce on that!
by hz177 March 15, 2010
uh.....THE FUCKIN SHIT! Goddam the Best Chicken EVER! Dont believe the bullshit about the mutated chickens, Next time you're hungry Seek a KFC!
Man 1: Hey man I'm starved, where will we go?

Man 2:KFC!
by Senor Tabby McWhiskers July 14, 2008
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