KFC = Kung Fu Chicken = some guy who likes to talk about how great his martial art is, and how much better it is than any other martial art. But, when you offer to engage him in some friendly full-contact sparring, even with rules and gear and a neutral referee, he totally chickens out.
Jet Li was talking shit about how Kung Fu is better than boxing, wrestling, ju jitsu and muay thai. When I offered to spar with him he went totally KFC.
by Chuck Liddell May 06, 2006
Nick: Hey, wanna go to KFC today?
Tom: Sure. I haven't had great chicken in ages.
by Nikko May 11, 2005
A place where the hood comes to discuss/argue about everything from basketball to divorces
Man my girl left me lets go to KFC
by Chris the wiz knows all May 25, 2016
Kiss. Cuddle. Fuck.
-Hey babe let's go to KFC

~Kentucky Fried Chicken?
-No! Kiss cuddle and fuck!
by Hotchicks115 November 01, 2015
Problem solver for black people.
2: How'd you know?
1: You recorded it!
2: I'll buy you KFC chicken, 20 pieces.
1: We cool.
by Link998 May 26, 2013
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