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An acronym for Koala Dance Bots. A name, the beautiful most talented Olivia Chachi Gonzales, gave to her fans.
Chachi loves her KDBs!
by xmsthangg October 22, 2011
1. an acronym for "king douche bag"

2. a way to describe a jerk or douche person
K: omg that guy is suchh a kdb
M: kdb?
K: yeah! kdb! like as in the king of douches
M: oh right! KDB
K: yeahh kdb
M: that stupid kdb
by anonomousssssss December 06, 2009
A really hot teenage girl with dark hair but would usually prefer brown hair. Tall and big boobs , nice ass. Likes to GTN and hangout with her close friends. Really nice but can have an evil bitchy side that everyone adores.
Man, i know i'd like to see that KDB every night!
by My hairs daughter June 10, 2011
abbreation for king doushe bag or someone who is the king of all doushe bags.
omg collin is such a kdb!
by aweseom1234 December 06, 2009
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