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When you jerk off and blow your load onto a hot blonde girls fake, massive tits and then turn around, lift your leg, and fart 2 feet away from her face.
Sarah was disgusted that she had just been KD'd.
by Thunder Up. January 05, 2010
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When you have sex with a girl while you're wearing a Kevin Durant jersey, and after you bust you do the Kevin Durant shimmy.
Person 1: Yo, last night after my girl took 3 shots and I took 5, she asked me if I wanted to watch the Thunder game so I brought her back to my room and I KD'd her.

Person 2: That's crazy. Kevin Durant had 51 last night too.
by MrBrown92 March 01, 2012
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When you are the subject of banter and then try and deflect attention away from you either by pretending to not be affected or put the banter on someone else. You are really affected though...
You 'joey, did you bang that fatty?'
Joey 'nah bro, I did see my man over there with a right munter'
You 'lol look at you trying to pull a KDD'
by Ralphy17 June 18, 2012
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