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A rather unflattering term, used in a vain attempt to describe someone who is considered to be exceptionally 'challenged', appearance-wise. The word alludes to the remarkable facial/bodily resemblance to the unusual physical attributes relating to the following :

A Kangaroo
A Gorilla
A Pig

The mental imagery it is intended to evoke is subjective, but could involve any one of the three, a random combination or, in extreme cases of visual obscenity, all three.
Mother Nature beat her up with the Ugly Stick mate. She's a right kangarillapig !
by ManyHeads June 09, 2010
The combination of the foul appearance of a Kangaroo, Gorilla and Pig in a persons looks. They are also often idiots and eat like horses despite maintaining a slim waistline. But are also good people deep down.
Kay is such a kangarillapig...
by Senior Lamboiitetta May 16, 2006
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