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A sound effect for a huge explosion. Much huger than kaboom, or even kablooey.

We all died.
by Bob882 October 08, 2004
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To orgasm. Specifically, to ejaculate.
Hey buddy.... why'd you order those dozen roses for your girlfriend? Are you hoping she'll let you kabloom on her face without getting upset?
by TW Chissmoose March 03, 2005
an alternative for KABOOM!!!
after he walked off the mine, it blew up..and KABOOM!!!

he was gone.
by jishun January 09, 2005
A. The name of a hydroponic additive used to get a larger yield. It is made by General Hydroponics.

B. The name of a franchised flower shop that mimics european flower shops.
A. Het man, you need to add some KABLOOM!!!!!to that hydro system to get more buds.
#kabloom! #kaboom #hydroponics #marijuana #flowers
by mahony September 08, 2006
A chain flower store
im going to kabloom to get the dozen roses.
by bepep February 05, 2005
What a flower does while opening in spring
Damn son that flower you picked for your mom just kabloomed in your face!!!
by brad March 07, 2005
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