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An alcoholic coctail, made by prouring one bottle of Orange baccardi breezer into a pint glass then topping it up with Lemonade.

Not to be confused with a K-fresh, wich is made by replacing the J20 with An Orange and Passionfruit J2O

Its name is a reference to the former WWE wrestler K-Quick, whose them song said " Get rowdy" being a reference to the alcohloic nature of this successer to the K-Fresh
Two K-fresh and a K-Quick please barmaid, plenty of ice
by zeuspro June 04, 2010
to go madd fast...
You: "Yo Dem Cops Be Comming For You N"
Them: "Yo Im About To Get Movin' K Quick!"
by LosT FreaK November 25, 2003
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