Verb: To masturbate while on alcohol and or ecstacy.
Hey mate, you drank all my beer you shouldn't Kon so much.
by M&Mdma December 17, 2011
Hey that's me.
Look ma' I'm on T.V.
by KonIsGreat August 28, 2003
A Ukrainian wigga who's watch is bigger than his shizzle dizzle.
1.) Wear's a beanie.
2.) Got no game
3.) Listens to Eminem
by Maks May 13, 2003
often used in Canada
Let's go bun some kon
by DR_BOOTOO May 23, 2003
A sexually transmitted disease in which the skin becomes very tan and people would have you believe he is mexican.

other symptoms include changing your name to Jesus and living on the internet. Also watch out for crazy wigga talking
Man, Look at Phillip over there. Looks like he has a bit of the Kon.
by Nuts4Kon April 22, 2004
a very racist word for a Korean, it is very offensive to korean people, i suggest you use it to piss them them
shut the fuck up u dumb kon, go eat some squid
by Not applicable May 03, 2004
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