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A small time rap artist who is a computer engineering teacher by day, and "K-Nasty" by night. He has even coined the phrase "whatever it is there" which, used as an acronym is Wiit.
Ex. 1 - Dude did you see that sick rap styling by K-Nasty the other night?

Ex. 2 - Man, that new K-nasty album is Sick NASSTYYYY!
by Bill Dorny October 30, 2007
The actual spelling of the word nasty.
Damn! that skinny model was knasty sick.
by hectorzola May 02, 2008
An associate in wrongdoing, A villain in monterey who coined the term: "money in my pocket and a party in my pants" see also sex-addict. aids and abets Kid Kripple and his side-kick the Phantom Limb. See also Snookie.
Seductor of Sexy Beasts in tyte clothes...
That track "Bitch-kakes" was Knasty. Give that man a record deal and some more smack.
by MOE-GAZZEM April 18, 2011
The sickest most bestest dancer in the world.
Hot girl

another word for somebody super cool that lets boys who arent her bff slap her ass.

"damn boiiii K-Nasty is some hot snot on a perfect platter, Im just a cold booger on a paper plate."
by Aaron Pederson January 25, 2008

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