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to leave drunk videos for someone after a long night on the town.
Tom: Dude did you see that video on your wall lol?
Matt: Roflolmao... yea. I just got K-Nash'd.
by Luke Thigh-Walker September 17, 2009
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The name Knash is derived from the greek god turbo master. Knash's are generous and always looking to make you laugh, even if it invovles licking another mans nipple. They will always want you to succeed and remind you always to knit yourself a somebody! Knash's usually like to play card games and will win at every game you challenge him at. If you treat him really good he will buy you a tasty noog. Nicknames include: turbo mangler, beer slayer, knashed potatoes, knashole, frankenknash, hash martens
"some people wear superman pajamas, superman wears knash pajamas
by fgkjhgfjdhgdfkjhgdfjhgs April 02, 2011

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