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Besides being the name of the knife used by US Army and Marines, k-bar can also be used as a verb. So if a k-bar knife is used to kill someone they can be said to have been k-barred.
You heard that STRAC REMF went missin' on patrol?
Yeah, heard too someone k-barred the bastard an' left 'im in the boonies.
No shit?
No shit.
by Croatalin November 06, 2013
A Big F***ing "Utility" knife used by the US MARINES since the beginning of time
That Jarhead carved him a new one with his K Bar
by Bdamn March 08, 2007
A bayonet designed for the browning automatic rifle. hence the name K.B.A.R or Knife Browning Automatic Rifle. Primarily used by the U.S. Marine Corp.
The K-bar is one of the best combat knives ever produced.
by CIB11b February 13, 2008
Kick Back And Relax
-"Yo' dawg, that bitch just rejected me"
-"FXCK IT , KBAR foo!"
by TheSuperVillain. July 14, 2010
a knife used in the army
Yaz Just knifed him with a k-bar knife!
by Mr. Own February 03, 2005
To tear apart a working, or old machine to use the parts in a new, or less older machine.
"i k-bared the nic card, floppy drive, and case fan from my crappy 199mhz pentium 1 to put in my sweet OC'd amd 2600+ system."

11.5(multi) x 200mhz(fsb) = 2.3ghz wewt!
by Anarchy_Creator April 01, 2004
basically jus a knife, the k stands for kill
Holy shit that wuba just dismembered him with a k-bar, fuckin sick
by Mr. Beerad November 11, 2006