kissimmee florida be the og of k-town
yo we bout to roll through k-town and crunk a niggas shit
by crunkcrip September 23, 2006
Nickname for Kitchener, Ontario. Also, contrary to what the inhabitants of that city may tell you, NOT a nickname for Kingston, Ontario.
K-town's got a dope indie scene.
by Lairor October 25, 2004
A common nickname for any city whose name begins with a "k".
I'm reppin' K town oldshool.
by Vernon Shaw February 08, 2007
K-Town is the official obbreviation for Keizer. It's been bastardized like the rest of them. Like P-Town.
Yeah, we gonna be rollin' out in K-Town, yo.
by Krazy Steve-O January 31, 2007
Kenora is a small city of aprox. 15,000 permanent residents whose surrounding areas population triples in the summer months. The town becomes infested with what the locals call tobans, but what they forget is that since the towns number one industry is now tourists that they need to have a bit more respect for the people who put bread on many of their tables directly or indirectly.
Fuck i cant wait to get back to k-town and fight like a local.
by Toban March 02, 2007
Short for the name of a small town in Germany known as Kaiserslautern. Kaiserslautern is known as K-Town to many US military people stationed in the area. Also known as little America.
Let's go to K town tonight..
by Rickynlevy October 09, 2006
da crunkest town next to orlando and miami in FL. talkin bout kissimmee da OG of K-town but no hate. 407 til i die.
"let's cap some of dem slobs an show dem how us k-town crips roll." OR "k-town weed is bobbie brown shit let's hit up clermont"
by bongtokinCripmasta September 25, 2006
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