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An alternative to 'Xmas' used in bulk retail book packaging and rumored to be an attempt to promote Kwanzaa.
"We are not all allowed to open the boxes containing Arnon Grunberg's new novel until K - Day.
by Krampus Billikin September 21, 2009
'K day' is an abbreviation of Christmas like 'x-mas' and there have been numerous suggestions as to its origin. Some theorists suggest it reflects the Eastern Jewish tradition against inscibing an X (the sign of the cross) in legal documents.
I think Tennesse are supposed to play K day.
by Bishop Saturday September 22, 2009
K-day or kiloversary refers to the day when someone or something is an even multiple of 1000 days old. Such as: when someone is 35 years, 7 months and 3 days old they can celebrate their 13th k-day or kiloversary.
I used WolframAlpha to figure out what my k-day is.
by the bromiester February 12, 2010
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