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I am an enigma.

What is a 'Juxtapositioning Script' you ask? I do not know. I made it up on the spot to get hackers and geeks searching Google for it, thinking it is some computer script-thing that does stuff that they have not yet heard of, making them feel little.
I love Cloyster. Not in the love-love, but in the it-is-really-cool love. The best Pokémon ever. Runners-up is Gengar.
by Juxtapositioning Script October 04, 2003

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cloyster horsea
Good taste in Pokemon...whoever they are
by Shawn B. September 12, 2003
I understand; i feel the same way about Horsea, Pikachu, and Nidoran M
by Pwipetta October 07, 2003