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A loving person, Norse Mythology meaning Goddess of Love and War. Also biblical; English language deriving from ancient Egypt for Balance and righteousness. Will fight for what they want and loves animals as much as El-Myra from looney toons, because she is looney toons.
Thanks for the hugs Justiss, because of this I'm going to buy you a pet cat. "Hold the cat like this mommy?" Yes, just don't pull its tail.

And Justiss, its bed time, "No I want to stay up." Its bed time! "I'm going to bed when you do" (and its finale.
by MommyB October 29, 2015
fat person, thinks too highly of themselves, buys way too small of pant sizes, manly
Don't be a justiss, buy clothes that fit!

I don't know what that girl was thinking, she was so justiss!
by TamJam November 28, 2007
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