A guy with a tiny penis and a horrible voice.
That guy is such a fag, hes a Justin Beiber.
by Lupe4eva February 13, 2011
He is a talentless fag that sounds like a fucking autotuned cat getting steamrolled and sotomized by one-armed native americans. He has the looks of a 40 year old lesbian, (not the hot kind) the IQ of a teenage girl (his only fans) and hasn't puberty (never will). His lyrics are like that of an infant, they are just moans and don't know many words. Some want him shot, but he would only (I hope not) be memoriolized like Biggie or 2pac which he clearly doesn't EVER deserve. We all hope that he dies of malaria and the bird flu soon. R.I.P. Notorious B.I.G. and 2PAC!
Justin Beiber is the worst thing to happen to American Culture since 9/11, The Rodney King Beatings and The Columbine Shootings.
by IMOLDGREGG!!!!!!!!!! February 14, 2011
The worst singer ever... wanks himself unconsious 2 pics of the pinch-faced taylor swift, disgrace 2 rap, Male form of miley cyrus, and 12 year old girls masturb8 at his picture... worse than J.T at Rapping (justin timberlake). GO HANG URSELF, COMMIT HARIKARI, AND PLAY RUSSIAN ROULETTE AT THE SAME TIME U DISGRACE 2 CANADA!!!!
fuck justin beiber he absolutley cannot sing, he should kill himself. But i just dont understand why the male prostitutes are wanking themselves unconsious 2 his pictures
by FuCkUjUsTiNbEiBeR1337 February 21, 2010
a 15 year old who is secretly a 9 year old girl and doesnt hid it well who never should have gotten signed to be in music
1: he did you hear about justin beibers secret

2: no

1: he's secretly a 9 year old girl
2: dude that was never a secret
by taytay1293 February 12, 2011
the gayest person ever to have lived.
"OMG justin beiber is such a faggot!" " i knooowwww
by the jizzonater May 17, 2011
How you spell "Justin Bieber" if you want to annoy all his little 10-year old fans (aka his only ones).
If you don't know who justin bieber is by now, consider yourself lucky. Never force yourself to listen to his music. If you do, they will come for you & try to convert you. Even though he completely sucks.
what will happen if you use this:

You: Justin Beiber.
10 year old: 0MGZZZ UR N0T A R3@L F@N U DiDN'T SP3LL HiS N@M3 RiGHT U R LiK33 { T0T3SSS } ANN0YiNG. G3T @W@Y FR0M HiM!!!!!!!
by 1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjkl January 26, 2011
1. A derogatory term for Shemale.

2. A boy/girl that is often worshiped by teenage girls. Brought up by a drunk-ass Usher.

3. A female elf.
Justin Beiber is gay!
by The king of Pwnage December 22, 2010
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