a former youtube whore who somehow was signed into a record deal even though he SUCKS at rapping and has a voice that sounds like a 9 year old girl. usher must have been drunk as fuck to have signed this faggot over. fortunately, he is most likely not able to reproduce due to a lack of testicles.
justin beiber's voice sounds like a high-pitched fart.
by bieber is a girl February 23, 2010
An insult to all gays of the world. A little twit who needs to be slapped by God and Hitler. This bitch will NEVER be able to sing in his life. The kid is 16 and sounds worse then a dying chipmunk.
Alvin: Hey guys we have a new member!
Chipmunks: Who?
Alvin: Justin Beiber!
*Justin sings*
*chipmunks die from high pitch and bad lyrics*
Justin: Damn
by xXZombie RDXx February 25, 2011
A talentless little gayboy who sings about girls all the time to cover up the fact that he's a homosexual. He says the word shawty way to much and likes to pretend he's black and gangster even though he is essentially whiter than sour cream.
FanGirl: OMG i love Justin Beiber he is so talented and hot. I will marry him one day. Me: He is not hot and if you ever do end up marrying him which I doubt then there is a very high chance he will one day leave you and your children for a man.
by AnarchyGirl March 28, 2010
1. Go to google translate
2. type in: will justin beiber ever hit puberty
3. translate it to vietnamese
4. copy the translation
5. switch the languages

6. past it and translate it.

thats the definition of justin beiber
Yo! i have a feeling justin beiber will never hit puberty!
by haygbay January 28, 2011
A 5'2 tall kid who acts like he's black and tries to rap even though he's whiter than his mom's anus.
Yo, stop trying to be black. You're just a Justin Beiber nigga.
by Justin is a cunt. March 26, 2010
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