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so he was a member of a robotic boy band too dumb and untalented to have the discipline and maturity to learn how to sing, write, or play instruments, that were assembled by a greedy fat cat that cares nothing about the quality of music that scored hits and won girlies' hearts with their droid "dancing", shitty harmonies and "good looks" (that's questionable)? And so after this American Menudo split up, he went on a solo career? So he caused a "wardrobe malfunction" on live TV with Janet Jackson, who hasn't had a hit that was worth a shit for years? So he has sown his wild oats here and there? So he has bragged about doing that with Britney Spears, who is another corporate airhead bimbo, and he shacked up with her as well? So he dueted with Mick Jagger at the Rolling Stones gig for the SARS benefit in Toronto a few years ago? That wuss is not even worthy to kiss the ground beneath the Stones' feet. So he thinks he's really manly and macho? Magazine critics are now kissing his ass, calling him an "R&B" singer? A man he'll never be. He's a total lunkhead, a zero, a pansy.
Justin Tinkerbell, you ain't SHIT!
by Starpunk December 19, 2007
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