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The act of having a good time, whether it be in a laid back way, or overly excited at perhaps a festival or night club, even with a another person. It can also be used to portray the way one is goign through life. Some people may even use the word as an alias to intorduce themselves to starngers who are not aware of the meaning of the phrase.

It orginated from the Zimabwe terminolgy "enjoying" which is used to describe more or less the same thing.
I'm Justin Joying this party tonight.

"How is life?" "Ah I am Justin Joying at the moment bru"

Bru this is some hectic shite, im Justin Joying for sure.

Did you Justin Joy with that lady last night?

Hi how are you doing, Im Justin Joying.
by Justin Joying November 16, 2009
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