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This word embodies a noun usage when one does not feel like using an objects official name due to laziness, forgetfulness, or when the individual is under any form of intoxication. The word may be repeated twice for further emphasis.
"Where's my junx at?"
"That junx is crazy!"
"You know you want this junx-junx!"
by Carly July 16, 2004
of or describing anything, although usually a body part that is private in nature.
man, i have to go to the store to get some junx for dinner.

that girl was all up on my junx last night!
by sephira November 11, 2003
Usually preceded by "the." A term to musingly indicate nothing at all pertaining to a thing or place while speaking of it.
That library was the junx! So, what's for dinner?
by steveisright November 21, 2003
Although some people believe that junx is a noun, junx is really much more than just a noun. Junx can be a noun, but it is really an expression used to express surprise, sorrow, or excitement.
girl 2: juuuuuunx!

girl 1: I saw her all up on my boy and I was like... "juuunx!"

girl 1: mmmm. cheetos.
girl 2: pass me some of that junx!
by the awesome January 23, 2005
the rapid heartbeat after a male or female has had sexual intercourse.
"Ohh baby, you gave me the junx today."

"Hey dawg, I wanna get tha junx tonight!"
by Porridge July 27, 2005
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