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A horror film made in 2008 by The Beta Society featuring a killer who wears a bucket on his head and collects the privates, or "junk", from his victims
Junkbucket is coming, coming for your junk
by Junkbucket October 16, 2008

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'83 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, formerly painted gold, with a 5 Litre engine, 4 barrel carburator, and only one speaker. Extremely oldschool. Missing a few pieces, but generally the coolest thing on 4 wheels... well... it's usually on four wheels.


A car that runs extremely badly and is miffing off the owner at time of name-calling barrage.
Gah-dang junkbucket! I KNOW you can run better than that 2002 Toyota. You can smoke it, can't ya? Can't ya?!

Come on, Junkbucket, you big ugly piece of American engineering! Make your assemblers proud!

The junkbucket died on me; can I borrow your car, mom?
by Linza March 18, 2003
A Steel Codpiece - a metal jock cup
SCA squire 1: "OOOHHHH!!! Oh my god! Sir Stick Jock just got hit with a vicious rising snap in the cup! I hope his nuts didn't get ruptured!"

SCA squire 2: "Nah... He's wearing a really spiffy new junk bucket,... at worst he got an armor pinch or maybe a bruise. He'll be fine, just get him a beer."
by chota boy January 10, 2009
The Linza Mobile
Damn, that's one sexy Junkbucket, Linza ;)
by Matt March 18, 2003