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Worthless Drug Addict. Person who gives up on life. This person focuses mainly on, obtaining and consuming ANY drug they can get their hands on. They spend every cent, that they somehow scheme, To Get FUCKED up with any substance possible. This person fronts money they dont have,They steal from little kids, and they Always ask their "freinds" to Bum a cigarette ALL THE TIME...fuckin Junkbox...Trouble in any Crew..
Fuckin Ronnie the Junkbox owes me twenty bucks, but i know ill never get it... shit last i heard of him he was tweakin out in the corner...
by Jigga Jerm April 26, 2006
A promiscuous local woman that no one will date anymore and causes strife when inebriated.
The junk box is bumming drinks again.
by The Good Doctor T June 06, 2007
Junk-box is a verbal declaration used to completely stop (or change subject of) a conversation between individuals, or a group of individuals when the context of the conversation is deemed inappropriate, disgusting, boring, or rude.
Person1: Hey, look at this! You can see the bone sticking out.
Person2: Junk-box!
by Majin'Buu February 24, 2012
where a crowd of drug-users go to take their drugs. usually a derelict house.
look there go the junkies into that old house to shoot up the gear. that place is a real junk box now.
by frankovic stefanovic September 03, 2006
Verb. To punch someone in the crotch for using 'inbox' as a verb.
Juan: Hey man, inbox me your address.
Too: *punches Juan in the cock*
Three: Oh man, you totally junkboxed him!
by DrarokIthaqua August 23, 2012
Someone who is addicted to special K.
That guido faggot, from the nightclub, is a fucking junkbox, he does special K every day.
by pd2 April 15, 2006
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