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A special "package" worth sharing, an endowed frontal view
Good Junk Up Front”
A Weiner, a wiener, a man in boxer briefs;
A picture of his package, an underwear tweet.
A sexual transgression, bare-chest sexting;
Doing it repeatedly with muscle pecs flexing.
"Inappropriate" liaisons, a malicious hack;
He then thought it over and he took it back.
Pun-laden comments, a media blitz;
Below-the-waist bulge, so hard to admit.
Secret conversations, all new technology;
A mistaken outlet for age-old male fantasy.
A “virtual” mess, choking back tears;
Damage to assess, been six in three years.
An uncertain future, more scandal to confront;
But voters can be certain Weiner has good junk up front.
by Okto June 10, 2011
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