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The proper name of the language used with rap and Hip Hop music.

Any language used and understood either exclusively or primarily by African-American inner-city residents.

eg.: crib, phat, honky, 'sup
In order to understand some of the lyrics associated with today's music, you'd need a degree in Junglish.
by hav2b June 29, 2009
(n.) describes the language made up of the ordinary English language in addition with words made up by Justin.
Cumfuckingwhoreskankbitchcocksuckingdonkeypenis is one of the longest curse words in the junglish language.
by jcoldasicewhawha May 01, 2005
v. the act of doing something a nigger would do or acting like a nigger (to be used while niggers are present)
damn, you are acting mad junglish tyrell. Put my bike down.
by Klew Klucks Keneival August 21, 2005
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