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The act of getting head from a girl and then releasing your load in her hair and then quickly adding sticks and leaves form your pocket into her hair as to create the appearance of a jungle woman.
I came prepared, I've been planning on jungling this girl for a long time.
by The Jungle Man October 31, 2010
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Or, to Jungle

When the pubic hair of a lady partners Vagina (or a males Anal wig) has become too tangled and long over time, the tally-whacker of the male must do as it's title suggests, and whack the tangled jungle away in order to gain access to his lady friends Jungle Temple so to speak.
"Dear lord woman have you no wax, well looks like its time to get down to some jungling"

"Dude I totally had to give your mother a good jungling last night"
by The Grand Poobah December 20, 2006

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