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A nickname for Embraer Regional Jets (ERJs), so called because Embraer is based in Brazil, home of the Amazon Rain Forest (Jungle). They are quite narrow and small, with only three seats across the entire cabin. Overhead bins are therefore very small, resulting in the inability of most carry-on luggage to be brought on board.
I had to check my carry-on at the gate, because I was flying on a jungle jet.
by aaporte1 February 21, 2007
By analogy with Jumbo Jet, a large unwieldy plane with a dozen (or so) passengers per row, bathrooms and aisles that look like war zones, endless boarding, deplaning, food, and clean-up services, irritable flight attendants and elbow-fighting passengers.
How was your flight? Typical jungle jet - kids crying, attendants screaming, no one got any sleep.
by urbalon March 15, 2010
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