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A style of Drum and bass music. Punchy drums and heavy basslines.
Some Jump Up songs:
Taxman "Unreal"
Original Sin "D For Danger"
Jaydan "King Of Miami"
Dirty Harry "Fools"
by youcangarglemyballs March 22, 2009
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style of drum and bass characterized by aggresive sounding basslines with plenty of LFO which gives them a wobbly sound. Tempos are usually faster than other styles of dnb. sometimes reggae/ragga samples are used to add more badman flava.

jump up is sometimes looked down upon by listeners of other styles of drum and bass, as being simple music for simple brained chavs. i suggest these people go to a jump up night, get spannered and stop acting like cunts, u don't have to be a chav/rudeboi to enjoy this music! it may not be as complicated as other sub-genres but it gets people dancing!!!!
i love jump up, but i also like other styles of dnb.
by splattadem July 09, 2009
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often referred to as clown step , people also say its the happy hardcore 0f drum and bass. i dont agree with either of the last two statements jumpup rules
by boonking July 05, 2011
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