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To hit someone when they are not fully expecting it; in order to initiate a fight. Can not be used as a personal verb ("I'm going to jump stupid on her" or "I'm going to jump her stupid").
"I got in a fight with Markie's old girlfriend Penny over the phone yesterday." Breezy said. "I said 'Gurrrrl! If you wanna go you betta jump stupid at school tomorrow!'"
by E-veezy November 20, 2008
From the Neo-Ghetto era.....To oppose another in a violent manor
oh, so you gonna jump stupid on me?
by John Hodges May 02, 2004
To get krunk on a person for offending
If she keeps talking shit about me I'm a have to jump stupid.
by Jin Li November 11, 2003
A phrase used when in a confrontation telling the otha person to do somthin;keep talkin noise;and or make a move
If u think yo ass so damn hard talkin shit den jump stupid
by Rhea-Anna July 11, 2006