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A beautiful girl who has a awesome hardcore life and has been through alot of bull. She's always taken but sometimes flirts with other hot guys. She's a great best friend and i love her.
Person 1: Hey Did You See That Hot Girl Over There?

Person 2: Yes, Her Name Is Julieanna And She's Taken By ME.
by AsianPandaLoverr. July 20, 2010
40 9
An amazing person, who everybody loves. She is a taurus, which might explain all the BULLshit she goes through. She's attractive, funny, caring, loveable, smart and a great bestfriend. Boys want her but none are good enough in her friends opinion, as they could never be awesome enough :) She has a split eye which nobody seems to notice at first, but then they become enamored with it. (she also loves one Hannah inparticular ^^)
boy: who's that babe over there???
me: that's Julie-anna, who is MY babe and you can't have her!
boy: why not???
me: you couldn't possibly handle her pure awesomeness. XP
by cheerupbeautiful August 22, 2011
4 2