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being high off life and saying things without thinking because of it
She was talking to him and all of a sudden he went all julianne on her new haircut.
by elephantas December 09, 2007
An awesome person. Forreal.
You: Hey, Julianne's awesome.
Julianne: What? I was busy being awesome.
by CourtneyTheCool August 14, 2006
That girl who when she smiles, becomes the highlight of your week, makes the butterflies dance around inside you, make you feel as if nothing could ever bring you down.
When she smiled at me, I knew she was my Julianne.
by HerMaster February 17, 2010
A very sexy and girl who gets whats she wants ALL THE TIME, but isn't slutty
Julianne is so awesome!
by Ms. Wentz October 17, 2007
Julianne is a girl who is sweet caring and awesome. She focuses on her true friends, her athletics and grades. Julianne is not very crazy, but is always up for some low key partying. She is very smart, and thinks her problems through very thoughtfully, never making a brash decision. She is charming and is very funny, always finding a way to make you laugh, but can be a little socially awkward at times. She is usually concieved as a "popular" or one who tries to please everyone, but she does not try do that that at all. She loves getting what she wants, and getting attention, and naturally gets it from her beauty and loving heart. Julianne values friendship, and most of the time is a trustworthy girl, but can slip up occasionally and spill your secrets. She has a very good sense of style and her smile can light up anybody's day.
Julianne is so cool! Forreal! nice goodhearted caring popular pretty
by mimi.12 January 02, 2011
The most amazing woman you've ever known
Do you remember Julianne?
by Shak8733092 May 02, 2010
A beautiful, real girl that is the complete package so much so that if guys can't have her they cause as much drama as a VH1 reality show.
Why is Julianne talking to him?
by PinkCosmo February 04, 2010
tall, gorgeous girl who loves her friend Katy. Someone who dosen't really realize that they're pretty but everyone else is hella jealous
hey, ive never noticed that girl before. whoa, she is soo julianne. efffing hoe, shes gonna take all the good guys.
by katybobatyfififofaty June 11, 2008