This girl is the most beautiful girl to ever exist in the world. She makes her man feel like his is the only one on the face of the earth that matters. I love her to death. She is my one, true, and only love. She always will be. She makes me feel so special
Juliana: "I loves you, daddy."
Boyfriend:"I loves you, baby girl."
by MadlyInLoveTB December 08, 2012
Juliana typically has long, blond hair, and gorgeous blue-green eyes. She wears modest-looking eyeliner that only makes her eyes look even more stunning. She is said to be beautiful and talented. Lots of boys hit on Juliana for her good looks, which she won't agree she has. Juliana is usually upbeat, happy, and loud. Everyone turns heads when she walks in the room. She isn't willing to change for any boy, as she says "I'm not a perfect girl. I'm fun. If a guy wants a girl he can just have fun with, here she is. But I'm not changing, no matter how much I like him."
She is very talented in music. And while Juliana is crazy and fun-loving, she is very shy around her not-every-day people. Unless she knows everyone and everyone is her age, she is shy at parties as well. But she will warm up to you, and when she does, you'll be in love.
"Dude, who's that?"
"That's Juliana."
"Man, I just went hard."

"I want a girl who can have fun. Someone like Juliana."

"Juliana's so loud and annoying."
"Yeah, but she's my best friend, and maybe you should learn to have fun like her, and stop judging everybody."
by girllookatthatbody August 23, 2012
Juliana is a sweet , kind and adorable girl she is very confident and nice, but I have to workpn you if you get on her bad side she will be the baddest revenge bitch u could ever imagine , stay on her good side , a mythical thing that may describe her is a banshee cause if you get on your bad side they will scream so loud, Juliana is a loud outgoing person she can be jealous but otherwise confident a lot of guys live her
Have u seen Juliana ?

What!?! No uhh
Are you scared of her!?
I did something bad

Man she's juliana watch your back
by I love super great cake May 02, 2015
Juliana is the type of girl who likes to lead guys on. she likes to go from guy to guy. seems like a very nice person but under her skin she is deceiving and simply likes to make people believe that they can trust her but then she ends up breaking their heart
She used the guy like a Juliana!
by yooooman27993 May 04, 2015
Juliana "A Girl who is prone to screaming and has a hard time articulating herself but will scream until you are totally annoyed"

I got so loud at the football game that I Julliana'd the shit out of the other fans.
I Juliana'd real loud.
by Jrock76 December 10, 2013
a beautiful girl with flowing blonde hair, an amazing tan, aqua eyes, and a nice rack! she is one of the nicest person you will ever meet. she is a keeper and most of the time out of your league so dont lose her! she is hella beast and sexy
dude 1: whoa! who is that smokin tan blonde?
dude 2: i have no clue...but she definately looks like a Juliana
dude 1: oh well she looks hella fine!
by crazy_taco February 27, 2012
A girl which is Very horny. She likes to dress up naughtily. She is very prone to have sex.
Hey who's that girl all over Alex?
i dont know she is looks like a Juliana

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