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A person with this name always has the biggest dick in the room
Wow i bet that guy is julian
by Cyoung August 27, 2008
2404 1169
someone with a small misshapen nose, often confused with Gollum from lord of the rings ,
likes feltching Tramps
look at that tortoise , he's got a julian nose
by bigplum February 05, 2010
15 91
A member of the trio of trailer park terrorists on the Canadian comedy series Trailer Park Boys. Julian is played by Jean Paul Tremblay.
Julian is a smooth talking, well-read alcoholic who serves as the "brains" of the operation in most of the boy's misadventures. He is apparently considered sexy by Jim Lahey, despite their mutual dislike. He hates being referred to as "Patrick Swayze". He seems to spend a lot of time reading and trying to keep positive, both in and out of jail. He is never seen without his trademark rum and coke, always carried in a rocks glass, regardless of where he is. He has also dabbled in drinking "swish", a disgusting homemade liquor which according to Bubbles "my fuck, does it get ya some drunk!"
On an interesting note, it is hinted he had sexual relations with Ricky's longtime love interest and child's mother Lucy, after a night of drunkenness and mushrooms in which he experienced memory loss.
"Your mom's fucked in the head" - Julian
by TPB Fan September 20, 2007
119 208
mi baby aka sexy jay damn i love him and he fine and got a hot voice he a baddass lol hes great...i love ya jay
sexy jay is hott........damn
by DaPrInCEsS6t9 June 12, 2005
80 173
A gay, male bodybuilder, usually interested particularly in paraplegics.
"There is one good thing about not being able to walk. I have my own personal Julian to love."
by Vixen Aura August 10, 2009
35 143
A type of owl specific to the North Wales coast, known for its distinctive bald head, poor eyesight, large beak and high pitched chirp. Often found in stew.
"Henry, is that a Julian over there? It is, you know! I'm almost sure of it. If only we could hear it's distinctive, high pitched chirp...oh there it goes! Yes, it's definitely a Julian."
by Horace Wimp November 07, 2006
84 195
someone who fills their wallet, suitcase, bookbag, and computer with pictures of himself.
you may not be a narcissist but you're actually quite a julian
by Cian shelley May 05, 2008
61 187
A Julian is a young man who thinks too much of himself. A Julian usually doesn't have many friends because their personallity is so boring and confindent most people even have the urge to attack this low life.

Julian:Hey Waz up?
Lori: Oh hey its you...
Julian:LOL I'm gonna throw an eraser in your hair cause' I'm such a TERDD! LOL
Katie:OMG Julian SHUT UP!
*Punches the "Julian"
Lori:Oh thxs I had the urge to drop that mofo anyways, but I'm glad you handled it too.
by Tikilooni500 March 26, 2009
58 186