An angel from heaven who is incredibly beautiful and smart (except for in Chemistry). She has long, blonde, beautiful, gold-spun hair, a wonderful smile, and is devastatingly beautiful. All men fall to her feet to worship her, and all males fawn over her day and night. She is wonderful.
Aphrodite was also known as Juli.
by blueskiesblueeyes November 23, 2008
Top Definition
The personification of beauty. If all the gods came together and created the most magnificent creature to ever walk the earth, she would be a Juli. The standard 1 through 10 ranking system does not apply, a Juli is automatically a 15, truly establishing a new level of beauty.
Holy $#!% I think I just saw a Juli! Perfect 10! No bro... 15!
by GMoneyD October 07, 2008
Juli - Noun

German for Juli, but also revered as a goddess in some religions.
Juli is a hottie goddess with a rocking body and personality. Give me a smile Juls, for you are a goddess.
by agodforher February 02, 2010
A funny girl, usually with a blog
"Are you following Juli?"
"Oh yeah! She's hilarous."
by You Don't Need To Know May 28, 2013
Particularly a female klutz. She is hard-working, on the go and always tripping.
Her name is also the adapted version of "Bad Luck Brian." All great, funny things happen when a Juli is not around. When you least expect it, a Juli will stumble and fall gracefully. She is one of the most elegant creatures around, creating finesse with every stride before hitting the ground.
I think that's a Juli. If you stare long enough, she will probably trip and fall. Wait for it....

I was walking up the stairs and totally pulled a Juli.

I just Juli'ed on my way to school.

Nothing exciting ever happens to a Juli.
by Yeezyfromdaplaza April 05, 2014
Juli is a hot girl with a bit of an attitude. She loves the outdoors and you can count on Juli to always to make you cry with laughter. She's the full package with her looks, humor, athleticism, and overall personality.
Damn is that Juli? She's like a unicorn of a person.
by Nicolas Jackson April 09, 2016
Juli is a video game character who made her appearance in Capcom's Street Fighter Alpha 3. One of Master Bison's many dolls, named after the month "Juli" which is German for July. Her combat style was very similar to Cammy and often fought along side the other dolls and Juni. She became under Master Bison's mind control. Juli's orders were to murder the rouge soldier Cammy. When she defeated her, Cammy convinced Juli that Bison was using her. She then turned against Master Bison. After Gouki murdered Bison, the dolls ran away. What happened to them after that is a mystery. She stands at a mere 5 feet 4 inches and weighs a light 108 pounds. Juli has dark brown hair, brown eyes and a busty 36D inch chest, a skinny 23 inch waist and a large 39 inch hip measurement. It is rumored she is a lesbian along with Juni, however, this is highly questionable.
Damn Juli has a fine ass and nice titties.
by RBXfromdashow February 18, 2004
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