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When you are having sexual intercourse with a female and you make her squirt all over you because you hit her sweet spot several time. Usually when this happens, her legs will start to shake rapidly and she will grab you very firmly. This is called juice boxing because youre usually beating the vagina up for several hours and she has you soaking wet in result.
Nate was juice boxing her last night. I could hear her screaming from outside the room and he claims she was soaking wet and blasting all over him.
by NateG09 March 11, 2009
The act of becoming intoxicated by inserting a vodka saturated tampon into one's vagina.
Do you want me to buy you a shot? No thanks, I'm juice boxing tonight.
by Shoe max January 24, 2015
More than two men jerking each other off (handjobs) in a stationary or moving vehicle through climax (ejaculation).
Did you see that? Those guys were juice boxing in that white Cadillac Deville over there in the church parking lot!
by D-Town Brewing October 28, 2015
When you throw-up and keep it in your mouth, and then swallow it back down.

Juice boxing: present tense
Juice boxed: past tense
Ex 1: "Greg drank so much, he was juice boxing before he could get to the toilet to throw up"

Ex 2: "Oh my god dude, that was so gross I just juice boxed."
by rogue_maverick May 22, 2011
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