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A creature with very large breasts. Funbags galore, not to be mistaken with the reptilian bretheren Godzilla. Tig ole bitties, a rare rack that is ever so boner inspiring. Takes you back to the olden days of breast feeding. A term used amongst breast men. Careful use of the word in the presence of a Jugzilla since it may make them quite cantankerous when seen in the wild or in captivity.
Holy Jugzilla Batman, that woman has the most enormous set of lactose launchers I've ever seen!!!
by Mattyboyee August 09, 2005
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Humongous Hooters! Doesn't matter if she is a rhino or a skinny chick... She has more than enough to share with her sororiety sisters... Love Them...
It took 3 Kappa Delta Pledges to lift the shirt on Jugzilla.
by trackerpro February 06, 2008
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