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1. When a woman's menstrual discharge is forced to excrete out of nips/tit-tays.

2. Excess boobulage (see boobulage).

3. A side effect of a botched tit job or taking herbal enhancements for the bosom.

4. A term to describe George Bush's armpit hair.

5. A term to describe Fidel Castro's pubic region.

6. The phenomenon when a man and woman are copulating and suddenly start reciting lines of Harry Potter to the beat of Barbara Streisand's greatest hits while fantasizing about Elvis Presley living.
Ross: Sara what is that shit coming out of your breastular region of your bosom?

Sara: That is my juggular discharge or juggulage. This is occurring because I have recently copulated with Fidel Castro's armpit hair while singing lines from Funny Girl.

Ross: That is fantastic Sara. Now I have someone to engage in fellacio.

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