In video games, an ability to continuously move the opponent in order to keep him off balance and make it easier for your allies to kill. Very fast, coordinated, and fun. Much like real life juggling, success renders the intended target dizzy. The shoryuken is a common and effective example, as it pops the enemy in the air and with a little skill will keep the enemy from countering and thus in a world of hurt.
Once I landed the first shoryuken on him, I just kept on juggling him. He was dead before he landed on the ground.
by wildcard9 January 17, 2010
to masturbate, code word to use on the phone so the fucking government cant understand
i am in the process of juggling
by steveometer92 May 21, 2008
A few of us can but many cant.
i know like 1 kid that juggles but all my other freinds cant
by John Doe January 03, 2004
The art of borrowing to pay debt. Borrowing from the proverbial Peter to pay the proverbial Paul. The modern money shuffle that has biblical roots.
I am juggling to pay off my credit cards.
by jb40 July 09, 2006
A really pointless and stupid activity that involves throwing balls or other objects in the air. Some people claim that it is a sport, but in actuality it is really just a circus act.
I know this really gay kid that juggles all the time, he's a fag.

Juggling takes no talent.
by tinman234 January 12, 2010

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