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Well. The juggalo and the juggalettes are hard to describe in general, even as a juggalo it's hard for me. So i'm going to try.

A juggalo is a male fan of the Insane Clown Posse
A juggalette is the female fan of the Insane Clown Posse

ICP for short.

Juggalo's and juggalettes are fans of ICP that have been saved by The dark Carnival and have realised that being different isn't a bad thing, for it makes us just that. 'Different' from everyone, we are all crazy in our own ways and we are all hated for some reason or another.

Us Lo's And Lette's Are loyal fans to ICP and any of the bands under the psychopathic record's logo. We love them as family as well as other Lo's and Lette's as family and we would die for eachother. Poeple always dis on the fam but we are strong and most true juggalo's and lette's ignore the threats and the insults. Most of the fans connect with ICP, Twiztid, Boondox, ABK, AMB, Blaze cause they grew up unwanted as many juggalo's and juggalette's did. Me included. We are outcasts. But the truth is we don't care, we don't give a fuck.

We paint our faces and we talk the way we talk to be different. Though many people say yea, yea, they want to be non-conformists, most of us are. We are all crazy and mentally unstable. Me for example. I've been to about 8 different therapists. My parents trying to scrounge up money for it all. Luckily we have rich grandparents. Me myself, i've grown up with no moeny for myself and the thing is i don't have friends. 'Cept for the handful and the few. My point. Being mentally insane and crazy is a part of our personna.

WE have haters. But we all yell whoop whoop to show who we follow. Poeple say we are in a cult. But we aren't. Or are we. You'll never reallt know. The dark carnival is our 'Heaven.' Me personally, i'm athiest, so i honestly don't care about the fact that the dark carnival was about god in the end. Anyways, haters. They call us fags, idiots, crack heads, ECT. And the truth is. We all have quirks, dumbasses. I myself and my buddy braindead used to be pot heads. Though we still hit it erryonce in a while. WHOOP WHOOP!

There are posers who we call juggaho's, juffalo's, things of that sort. And they can be pointed out easily. If everything you own is handed to you, then your not a juggalo. I have to work for my clothes and my music. Though my rent's buy it, i work that shit off, i keep my shit real too. But the fake ass bitches that are handed everything by name and shit, Hell nawh they ain't jugglo's or lette's.

WE call eachother family and we are, we juggalo's and lette's can walk through the streets of detroit and other bad gang infested hole's and yell our whoop whoop's and rep our colors and the psychopathic all over our bodies and have back up in the gangs and in the crowds of bystanders.

We lo's and lette's feel the music and we relate to most of the song's in our own special ways, and we hate biggots and racists. If you claim to be a juggalo or lette and you are racist, kill yourself.

WE also have our own juggalo system. OH SHIT! NOT ANOTHER SYSTEM! CALM THE FUCK DOWN, It's our thing so don't piss and run to yo momma. xD

Juggalo Quirks;

Nugget - Head
Neden - Pussy
Corndog - Cock - Penis
Cotton candy - Pussy
Popsicles - Cock - Penis
MCL - Much Clown Luv
MMFWCL - Much Muths Fuckin Wicked Clown Luv
Mutha Fackoo - Mutha Fucka - Mother Fucker
WHUT!? - What?

1 - Are you down with tha clown?
2 - Whuddup Ninja?
3 - Whuddup homie?

Chants and Sayings:
2 - WE Will never die alone, juggalo's will carry on, swing our hatchet's if we must, each and everyone one of us.

Q 'n A:
Q: Are U Down wit the clown?
A: 'Till i'm dead in the ground
Juggalos 'N Juggalettes

Juggalo 1 - Whuddup homie?
Juggalo 2 - Nuttin much muh ninja
Juggalette - Just chillen'

Hater 1 - look at those fags, with their faces painted, lets get 'em
Hater 2 & 3 - Hell yea
Juggalos 1, 2, & 3 - What?
Haters - You three are fucked now
Juggalos 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, ECT - *show up* Not today mutha fackoo.
Hater 1 - Whatever, Lets go guys
Hater 2 & 3 - *gone*
Hater 1 - Fuck *runs off*
Juggalos 1 to ?? - Fuckin haters. WHOOP WHOOP!
by Tha.Juggalo.Jester September 09, 2009

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