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When what you think is a link to something you want to see actually directs you to a video of anything done by ICP.

Similar to the Rick Roll.
Oh god! You just Jugga Rolled me!
by clarasaurus September 27, 2010

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juggaroll. this is one janky ass rolled cigarette rolled by a dude that just dont care as long as he gets that nicotiiine rush.
EXAMPLE 1 : "Hey bro, got a cigarette?"

"Nah dude. all i gots is some juggarolllls."

EXAMPLE 2 : "maaaann wut it do to get some juggaroll around here!?!?"

(passerby puts allotted amount of tobacco in rolling paper,inserts rolling paper in between two palms, crudely rolls in an upwards motion and hands it off)

"maaan that some nice ass juggaroll"
by Juggalo Roller November 02, 2007