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A Jugasaurus-Rex is the name given to a female with extremely large breasts.
The phrase was made famous by Neil from t.v show 'The Inbetweeners' where he spots a girl in the park and says, 'Hey guys, look at that Jugasaurus-Rex!'.
'Hey Lewis, Jugasaurus-Rex at 5'o'clock!'
'Woah, Your a right Jugasaurus-Rex!'
'Don't you think that Pamella Anderson is just one huge Jugasaurus-Rex?'
by Barry Fluffers August 04, 2009
37 5
a person with big breasts.
probably, a combination of "Tyrannosaurus Rex" and "jug"
Oh, my God... Check out the Jugasaurus Rex!
by sataneros June 15, 2008
32 11
a girl with hugs tits.
whooaaa, look at that jug-a-saurus-rex!
by bloomiish July 07, 2009
7 0